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The Winner's Circle
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  Bowman Swivel Shank Polo Curb Bit
471501   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Polo Curb Bit with Fixed Mouth

471502   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Roller Mouth Curb Bit

471503   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Medium Port Curb Bit

471504   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Twisted Bar Arched 45 degree Mullen Mouth

471505   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Smooth Bar Arched Port- 45 degrees tilt

471506   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Low Port Curb Bit

471507   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Medium Block Port Curb Bit

471508   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Low Block Port Curb Bit

Also referred to as the Donna Moore Curb Bit

471509   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Windsucking Mouth Curb Bit

Also referred to as the Whistle Bit

471510   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Copper Wire wrapped, Arched 45 degrees

471512   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Loose Brass Wire Wrapped

471513   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Tongue Port Curb Bit

471514   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman medium port w/ roller

471517   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman medium port loose wire wrapped

471518   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Hollow Mullen Mouth - Sweet Iron

471520   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Copper Wire Wrapped Arch w/ 45 degree angle

471526   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Half Tom Bass Curb Bit

471527   $144.00   add to cart
  Bowman Tom Bass Curb Bit

471528   $144.00   add to cart

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